Custom Love Kits

Love Kits Designed Just For the Two of You

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Love Kits Designed for You and Your Partner

Your customized Love Kit contains everything you need for unforgettable nights of open conversation, sexual exploration, intimacy, romance and pleasure — adult toys, erotica, helpful tips, visual materials, and intimacy aids — all tailored to your relationship and all reflecting only those areas in which you and your partner have indicated the highest common interest.

Your Love Kit is designed to stimulate all of your senses and it will include items about your shared fantasy that are humorous, erotic, provocative, educational, creative, historic and international. Each customized Love Kit is unique but we can give you an idea of what to expect.

  • 1Your top match from our survey — you and your partner's most intimate desire revealed!
  • 2Tips and suggestions to help you and your partner fully enjoy your fantasy.
  • 3Fun facts about your top mutual desire.
  • 4Exclusive erotica prints from the Kinsey Institute Archives.
  • 5An adult DVD to inspire and instruct as you begin your own playful exploration.
  • 6Adult toys to enhance pleasure.
  • 7Intimacy Essentials Collection: lubricants, condoms, and other basics that no bedroom should be without.
  • 8Vintage gentleman's magazine to sneak a peek into the past.
  • 9Two to four other erotica and adult novelties, each specifically selected on the basis of your individual quiz answers.
  • 10A book of either thematic erotic short stories or how-to instructions to guide you in your intimate exploration.
  • 11A deck of 52 "Talk To Me" conversation cards designed to foster intimate communication and insights.
  • 12A booklet on what's going on under the covers — a condensed summary of the latest research on what couples are doing in the bedroom.
  • 13A booklet on the links between communication, intimacy, and sex, and how to foster a closer relationship with your partner.