About Us

Have you seen the movie with the couple lying on the beach and these giant waves crash over them and they continue kissing as if the world revolved around them and them alone?

No? Well, it is an old movie. Even so, it’s still a cool metaphor for the excitement, passion, and connection enjoyed by couples who are truly in-tune with one another. Unfortunately, many couples feel like they’re sitting quietly on the banks of a still pond. It’s pleasant enough, but certainly there’s more.

In 2010, some entrepreneurs recognized an opportunity. In this case, it was the need to bring back the crashing waves and genuine connectivity couples want and deserve. So Couples Chemistry, a company dedicated to helping couples — straight, gay or lesbian, married or single — achieve greater intellectual, emotional, and physical intimacy in a healthy and fun manner, was born.

Our Mission

At Couples Chemistry, our mission is to provide each partner with the opportunity to better understand, express, and explore his or her desires and help couples achieve true intimacy. So we did our research, relying heavily on experts like The Kinsey Institute and Dr. Debby Herbenick, and developed a novel formula that enables couples to reach the higher level of intimacy they seek through open, honest communication, exploration, and shared intellectual and physical experiences that are the foundation of successful, long-lasting relationships and a better sex life.

The foundation of Couples Chemistry is a 100-question, confidential on-line quiz that couples take individually to identify the areas of high mutual interest and relationship desires. From this, we curate intimacy collections, or Love Kits, customized for the couple and designed to inspire conversation, exploration and pleasure. We deliver these discreet, beautifully designed and presented Love Kits to our customers with the goal of making them so satisfied, they come back for more! And many do!

While it sounds simple, there is tremendous science behind Couples Chemistry’s process and our products. Scientific studies show how important communication and emotional intimacy — especially expressions of love and affection, personal validation, trust, and mutual self-disclosure—are to a more fulfilling sex life and a stronger and more enduring relationship. While it's true that intimacy can exist without sex and that sex can exist without an emotional connection, we believe that strong and enduring relationships combine both emotional and physical intimacy.

Better communication, intimacy, and sex is our fondest hope for our customers. But true intimacy must be cultivated and grown. Couples Chemistry is a necessary indulgence couples can share as an investment in the strength and vitality of your romantic relationship.

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