Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Couples Chemistry?
  2. Why do I need Couples Chemistry?
  3. What is the purpose of my partner and I taking the Couples Chemistry quiz?
  4. How was the 100-question quiz developed?
  5. What is a Love Kit?
  6. Are my responses confidential?
  7. How does the Couples Chemistry Quiz identify and customize items for us?
  8. Where does Couples Chemistry find the materials it provides?
  9. Who would enjoy a Couples Chemistry Love Kit?
  10. I am sensitive about my privacy. How is my Love Kit mailed to me?
  11. Can I take the survey with multiple partners?
  12. Is Couples Chemistry providing therapy?
  13. Will Couples Chemistry ever sell, share, or release my information to a third party?
  14. Why doesn't Couples Chemistry ship to all locations in the US?

Who is Couples Chemistry?

Couples Chemistry was founded in 2010 by an entrepreneur who recognized an unmet need. (That's how we entrepreneurs work; we find unmet needs.) In this case, it was the need for greater intimacy between couples: intellectual, emotional and physical. Sure, there's tons of tawdry stuff out there, but true intimacy should be fun and fulfilling for the heart, mind and body. So we did our research, relying heavily on experts like The Kinsey Institute and Dr. Debbie Herbenick, and developed a novel company and approach that enables couples to achieve the higher level of intimacy they seek.

Why do I need Couples Chemistry?

You may have a wonderfully expansive and experimental relationship already, but many couples find that they have turn-ons and desires that they haven't articulated to their partner for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's a fear of embarrassment or just not knowing how to begin the conversation. Sometimes couples fall into relationship routines and patterns. Sometimes it's just an assumption that one's partner isn't open to change and exploration. Couples Chemistry provides a safe and confidential way for couples to discover, discuss, and explore new intimate ground together.

What is the purpose of my partner and I taking the Couples Chemistry quiz?

The Couples Chemistry Quiz is designed to uncover a couple's innermost thoughts and desires and determine common areas for intimacy exploration. From this, we are able to create a custom Love Kit that reflects your most powerful couple's chemistry; a personal collection of carefully curated items you both will have a shared desire to explore.

How was the 100-question quiz developed?

The Couples Chemistry quiz is based on decades of academic study and research on the most desired areas for intimacy exploration. Questions in the Couple Chemistry Quiz are designed to determine how receptive you are to exploring what are considered to be the most common intimacy desires for couples. The questions range from thoughtful to fun to naughty, but don't worry! The insight gained is amazing and is the important first step to greater intimacy!

What is a Love Kit?

A Couples Chemistry Love Kit is an exciting way for you and your partner to connect in new and more satisfying ways. First, there's the anticipation of receiving a box containing approximately 25 items selected just for you and your partner. Then there's the fun of exploring the sensory delights that reflect your unique couple's chemistry. Your Love Kit is designed around a theme that reflects the highest intimate desire that you and your partner identified on the Couples Chemistry Quiz. While the contents of your Love Kit are a mystery until you open it, expect beautiful packaging and the highest quality items that are historic, international, humorous, provocative, erotic, hands-on, and smart.

Are my responses confidential?

Absolutely. Couples Chemistry recognizes that your responses to our quiz disclose some of your most intimate and private desires — including things you may have never shared with your partner. So your privacy is our top priority. Our mission at Couples Chemistry is to provide a safe and confidential environment in which two people can be totally honest about their deepest desires and learn to enhance their relationship through open conversation, intimate exploration, and play.

How does the Couples Chemistry Quiz identify and customize items for us?

We have developed a smart logic engine that numerically scores a couple's responses to our quiz to identify the areas of high mutual interest. If you both express curiosity toward a particular activity, Couples Chemistry will specify items for your Love Kit that will help you explore that interest area.

Couples Chemistry uses the best of literature, art, erotica, academic studies and data, potions and lotions, conversation starters, videos, adult toys, and gadgets to create a unique and elegantly designed boxed collection for each of the top intimate desires common to most couples. Once a romantic desire is mutually indicated, Couples Chemistry then further tailors the Love Kit according to your erogenous zone, media (video, text, image, and audio), and learning-style preferences (reading, doing, hearing, seeing). Then, for good measure, we throw in some special toys and other items to provide stimulating content and conversation uniquely suited to the couple.

Where does Couples Chemistry find the materials it provides?

Couples Chemistry curates the items for the Love Kits from a wide variety of sources. Much of the written content is researched and generated by Couples Chemistry to provide you with the background and context for your intimacy interest. The books, videos, adult novelties, and intimacy essentials have been selected from the leading suppliers and content creators in the field of intimate exploration.

Much of the art reproductions and vintage ephemera in your Love Kit come from the Kinsey Institute Collection. The Kinsey Institute is the largest and most reputable organization in the world that studies sexuality, gender and reproduction. Because of its long-standing interest in human sexuality, The Kinsey Institute has also become home to one of the largest erotica collections on the planet. The Kinsey Institute Collection features many iconic, beautiful, erotic, rare, and interesting items. In many cases, the items included in your Love Kit have never been seen by the public.

Who would enjoy a Couples Chemistry Love Kit?

Our Love Kits are designed for couples, straight and gay, and lesbian who seek a more fulfilling relationship, one that embraces a deeper connection through conversation, exploration and stimulation. Whether you choose a custom Love Kit created or one of our popular "Best of" Kits or seasonal gift kits, you and your partner will enjoy the mystery, fun, and fulfillment that come with every kit.

Our Love Kits also make great gifts for bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and Valentine's Day.

I am sensitive about my privacy. How is my Love Kit mailed to me?

Your Couples Chemistry Love Kit is created especially for you and your partner, no one else! Which is why we package your Love Kit in a discrete box with nothing on the box to give away its contents to anyone handling it. The surprises inside are for your eyes — and those of your partner — only!

Can I take the survey with multiple partners?

Yes, you can but you need to establish a separate registration with separate email addresses. Each partner that you match with is identified with a unique email address.

Is Couples Chemistry providing therapy?

No. Couples Chemistry was founded with the goal of helping couples enjoy each other through healthy conversation, exploration and stimulation. And while our methodology is grounded in academic and psychological research, it is not therapy. Nor is it intended to address an unhealthy relationship that may contain abuse or fundamental incompatibility.

If you are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, please seek professional help. If you believe you could benefit from the services of a professional therapist, one of many resources for locating professional support is the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Will Couples Chemistry ever sell, share, or release my information to a third party?

No. Couples Chemistry respects the relationship we have with our customers; your privacy and the security of your information is our top priority. Everyone who participates in our quiz is assigned a unique customer number. This customer number becomes your Couples Chemistry "name" so your privacy is protected.

Why doesn't Couples Chemistry ship to all locations in the US?

Sadly, there are complicated and ambiguous laws in some states regarding the definition of "adult" materials. We'd love to do business with everyone but, we choose not to ship products to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Utah, Virginia.

Some cities also have made the decision that you should not be exposed to adult content: Indianapolis and South Bend, IN, Pittsburgh, PA, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Panama City, Gainesville and Pensacola, FL — we love you too and are sorry we don't ship to your zip codes.

We happily ship to the rest of the US and Canada. At this time we do not ship outside the US and Canada. Your credit card statement will show "PayPal*coupleschem" as the biller.

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