How It Works

Do you know what gets your partner hot? Do you share the same hidden desires? Are you and your partner willing to experiment? Do you talk openly and freely about what each of you want in terms of intimacy?

Surprisingly — or maybe not so surprisingly — many couples have no idea how to answer these questions.

No worries. Couples Chemistry can help you find the answers.

And while the answers just might surprise you, they will also enable you and your partner to develop a more intimate, pleasurable and satisfying relationship. Couples Chemistry helps you and your partner achieve greater physical intimacy by empowering you to open up, talk, laugh, trust, explore, and, above all else, enjoy each other in new and exciting ways. Whether you are married or in a relationship, straight, gay or lesbian, your journey to greater closeness and pleasure begins with Couples Chemistry. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Take the Couples Chemistry Quiz.

This is about building a better relationship together so it begins with our 100-question on-line quiz. The quiz takes about 15 minutes to finish and covers a broad range of relationship preferences and sexual practices. You'll answer questions about what you like, what you don't like, and the things you've always wanted to try with your partner. Some of the questions are neutral, some suggestive, and some are simply naughty.

Even if some of the questions make you blush, please answer honestly. They will help you articulate your desires and help us create a Love Kit designed to assist you in exploring shared desires with your partner.

Greater intimacy depends upon trust. So be assured that your answers are entirely confidential. No one will read it but you.

Step 2: Invite your partner to take the Couples Chemistry quiz.

The next step is to invite your partner to complete our quiz. He or she will receive an email inviting them to participate. The email will contain a unique pass code that will unlock his or her quiz on a secure area of the Couples Chemistry website. Remember, your partner will not see your answers, nor will you see theirs.

Step 3: Couples Chemistry determines your areas of mutual desire.

After you and your partner have each completed the quiz, Couples Chemistry will immediately identify your shared areas of interest and provide you with a free report on how many intimate desires you share. Answers that do not match or that indicate mutual dislike will be discarded. We will only identify areas of common interest. For example: If your partner wants to explore erotic massage and you do as well, that will count as a match. But if you indicated that you want to try sensory deprivation and your partner does not, that topic will be discarded as a non-match.

The results: a deeper level of intimacy.

Once you and your partner discover how many areas of desired exploration you share, Couples Chemistry provides you with the opportunity to learn exactly what they are through a customized Love Kit based on your quiz results. Your customized Love Kit not only discloses your top mutual interest, it gives you the erotica, conversation-starters, instructional materials, adult toys, and helpful information you need to turn those shared sexual desires from fantasy to reality. If you have more than one matching interest, we invite you to order additional themed Love Kits.